Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Favorite Hong Kong Street Snack

This is totally random.
Hong Kong Street Snack
I am not going to discuss Hong Kong street food, its history, types, background, lalala yada yada yada. You know my blog. It's nothing but subjectivity.

Me, me, me, and me.

So, I am just going to mention my favorite Hong Kong street snack.
In case anyone out there wanna doesn't mind to know ^_*
Hong Kong Street Snack - Siumai + Indomie
Siumai? The wonderfully chewy, MSG enhanced, tasty tasty "fish" siumai?

Not just siumai, baby!
Hong Kong Street Snack - Siumai + Indomie
Siumai + Indomie Goreng!
Don't you think it's fascinating how Indomie goreng is now one of Hong Kong street snack?
Moments like this, I'm so proud to be Indonesian!


teenagefoodie said...

OMG they have that now? Indomie =]
I want to go back to HK just to try it!!
No fish siu mai's on the streets here in Melbourne :(

Veny said...

owww siomay yg ini my fav street snack @ HK too.
g biasa beli disekitar Mongkok krn kebanyakan tinggal disitu hehee
perna juga g bw plng ke Jkt brp pluluh biji siomay ha22
kl soal rasa di JKT masih lbh enak Rit tp its OK lah buat icip2 cemilan selama disana .
biasa saya sambelin ABC sachet.
tapi lom perna cobain yg pake indomie goreng
selaen siomay ada lg my fav snack di HK itu gorengan2 yg ada tahu, fishball , trus sosis , paprika sepp banget
jadi kangen HK deh oh iya satu lagi yg kae soup hisit2an itu yg ada daun seladanya wahh sedep banget

Arudhi said...

eeeeeh??? indomie goreng?? that`s indeed fascinating! speaking of which, jadi pengen makan indomie :D

Anonymous said...

Your blog is so entertaining. KC is a lucky dude to hv you. You are easy on the eye, witty and you can cook. Btw, he and yr son are equally good looking.

I love HK food.Sama sukanya dg makanan Sunda dan Thai. Uenaaaak dan uenaaaak ( ini mah gembul atuh namanya. Hehehe)

My Life, My Child and My Food said...

I love the siomay! they look like the cheap siomay I always get in Singapore, 3 siomays for $1..:)

sydneylyn said...

wow! looks so yummy! :) I want one!! :) nice shot too! :)

meinekueche said...

HIHIHIHI....Indomie menjajah Hongkong street snack...emang enak tuh....apalagi nyium aroma Indomie di ruangan tertutup full AC....pasti jadi pengen mesen Indomie juga (dan nambah, indomie kuah plus telor en indomie goreng plus telor pake cabe rawit)...:):)

pigpigscorner said...

oh man, now I have to go back to HK for this!

HK Epicurus said...

I am wondering where you ate that? Not Chan Kee Yue Dan by any chance?

Coz I saw the mee they sell 1 day and vowed to return! Unless you can provide me an alternative choice :D

Michelle said...

Wow!!! I never knew that IndoMie is a street snack too! Is it available at all street snacks outlets??? I always go for the curry fish balls, mmmmm .... How do you actually order this Siu Mai + IndoMie combo?

Su-Lin said...

Indomie is popular on HK streets! Wow!

Belzy said...

huaaaa yang bener rit....indomie goreng jadi salah satu street snack di HK yah...huaaaa asik bener...emang yah makanan di HK tuh mantep2. Gue demen deh jajan jajanan di HK, cuman agak2 mahal yah makanan di HK...huehehehe... said...

I try to look VERY hard at the price sign, but I think that says $10? So cheap lah!

Joanne said...

Again. Please explain why street food here is not that good?

Missy P said...

Manz that's DA bomb!!!! Amazing lethal combi!!! Ya, all hail to Indos :D

EatTravelEat said...

Looks fantastic! Haven't had fish siumai in years, although I got plenty of egg waffle fix this time. Have you tried North Point Egg Waffle before in Wan Chai?

Keith Meure said...

That does look pretty tasty. My stomach just churned in hunger. I've already had Bakso Special for lunch in a small Indonesian food joint close to work... Need more. Or for the fact that I'm on the internet, I should be writing... "I NEED MOAR!!!"

tigerfish said...

I would pair them this way too!

Sophie ala Mode said... looks so delicious. I am proud that Indomie made it into HK Street snack :)

StarletStarlet said...

Oh sounds soo good for a midnite snack!

Heya, found you from my cuz' new blog SophieAlamode :)

Pei Lin said...

Talking about fish siu mai leaves me a bit sad. There was bubble tea stall one stall in Sino Center (Mongkok) that sells nice fish siu mai but when I was there in Dec, I realized it has closed down and we tried the siumai from one of the new stalls and it just doesn't taste right!! But the one you photographed looks ok, where is it???